The Holly Theatre Restoration Project began with a dream: a dream to bring our community together to save a treasured local landmark and enhance our region’s identity as a hotbed for the performing arts. In bringing new live music and cinema events to Medford—including those artists who routinely bypass the Rogue Valley for lack of indoor performance space large enough to accommodate their audiences—the Holly Theatre will provide our community with greater access to the performing arts while also fostering the much-needed economic revitalization of a historic downtown district.

The 1930 Holly Theatre is a distinctive multipurpose space that will complement the network of arts facilities that flourish under our strong local tourism industry. Plans for the Holly include the restoration of the Holly’s 1,003-seat auditorium, which will host live concerts, film events and HD theatrical presentations, among others; the creation of a public convening space with seating for up to 200; and the renovation of affordable rental spaces for local businesses and non-profit organizations.

All over the country, the purposeful reinvention of historic theaters is breathing new life into communities. In preserving this nationally-recognized and locally-revered historic landmark and bringing it into operation as a dynamic multipurpose event space, the Holly Theatre Restoration Project is helping to secure the future of Medford as a vibrant and welcoming place to live, work and play.


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