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These businesses and community members are bringing the Holly Theatre back to life.
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Updated: March 9, 2017

Total Entries: 1,647

DONORS $50,000 and up


Jim Belushi

Jeffrey and Tina Blum

James M. Collier

Robert and Suzi Given

Harry and Yvonne Lenart Charitable Foundation

Joe and Frances Naumes Family Foundation

Medford Urban Renewal Agency

Oregon Community Foundation

State of Oregon

DONORS $5,000 - $49,999

Medford Mail Tribune

National Trust For Historic Preservation

Steve and Pam Nelson

Neuman Hotel Group

Olsrud Family Foundation

Oregon Arts Commission

Oregon Cultural Trust

Pacific Power Foundation

Robertson Collins Fund at OCF

Sid and Karen DeBoer Foundation

John and Candy Snider

Herbert and Bonnie Sutton

Turner Foundation

US Bank Foundation

Dr. John and Carol Walker

Robert P. Watson

West Family Foundation


Autzen Foundation

Bill and Janet Bagley

John Barton, M.D.

Carpenter Foundation

Carrico Family Foundation


Bob and Karen Doolen

Edenvale Winery

Dave and Jeanne Freel

Gordon Elwood Foundation

Pacific Connector Grant

Kinsman Foundation

Mike and Mary Mahar

Kirk Matteson

Randy McKay and Diogo Mora

McKechnie/Batzer Family

DONORS $1,000 - $4,999

The Rev. Anne Ainsworth

David Argetsinger

Avista Foundation

Fred Babcock

Ann and Ron Baracker

Larry and Marian Barker

Don Bieghler

Jane and Ed Boening

Arline Borella

Richard Brewster

Anne Brooke Hawkins

Stephen and Terry Brown

Karen Callahan

Thomas and Glenne Carter

John and Judy Casad

Sharon Charles

Heidi Elliot Coleman

Verdell and Jim Coleman

Patricia Cook

Cowhorn Winery

Jeff and Ellen Cutler

Rosemary Deardorff

John and Anne Dennehy

Toni and Erick Doolen

Anna Dunlap and Clay Silsbury

Garrett and Donna Earle

East Main Dental Center

Dan and Mary Ann Edelstein

Jon and Sam Elliott

Jim and Joyce Ellis

Margaret Evans

John and Barbara Fisher

Bill Foy

Karl Geidans

Dale and Claudia Gooding

Michael and Jane Gordon

David Grant and Lisa Cogswell

Steve and Rhonda Gressett

The Gypsy Blues Bar

Barbara and Robert Haddon

The East & West Coasts Pentlands

Allison Hendrix

Rick and Carlene Hester

Rob and Teddie Hight

Don  and Donna Hildebrand

Edward and Marie Houck

Ronald and Jeresa Hren

Craig Hudson

Jim and Delphine Hunter

Pat and Shirley Huycke

Interstate Batteries

Lorin and Meg Jacobs

Sue Jaffe

Jerry and Jeanne Taylor

Donna L. and Barry Johnson

Douglas Johnson and Eileen Micke-Johnson

Leigh and Nancy Johnson

Randy and Jonelle Jones

Pete and Beverly Jorgensen

Josephson Family Trust

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

Dan and Lynn Kellogg

Laura Kolding

Kramer & Company

Andy Kranenburg

Jim Kusnerik

Gary LaVenture and Ellen Lindquist

Kathleen F. Leary and Fredrick Schneider

Steven and Megan Lightman

Roger and Janel Longnecker

Joseph Lucier

Debbie Lyons

Linda and Jim Maddux

Dan and Carlie Mahar

Mike and Bonnie Malepsy

Jan Martin

The Cunningham's

Jim and Donna McKee

Mark McUne

Ron and Cynthia  McUne

Medford Grocery Outlet

Josie Metz

John and Kasorn Miele

Miller Paint Company

Noel and Lovella Moore

Morgan Stanley

Marilyn R. Mulhall

Carl & Mary Nelson

Louise Nicholls and Jennifer Nicholls

Linda Niehaus and Brad Hagen

Jeff and Kathleen Norman

Joy Olson

Kevin and Jennifer Palmer

Kathy Partch

Jack and Andrea Patterson

Brian and Marie Poppa

Porter's Restaurant and Bar

Dennis Powers

Bill and Sandra Quitt - Black Bird Shopping Center

Erin B Brender, MD & Mujahid A Rizvi, MD

Barbara Roastingear

Michael Roberts

Carl and Nancy Sash

Mark and Gwen Schiveley

Richard and Mary Schultz

Schwab Charitable Fund

Steve and Darcey Self

April and Bob Sevcik

Elizabeth Shelby

David and Gail Smith

Patsy Smullin

Doug Snider

Adrian and Katie Snyder

Shirley South and Garlan Lowery

Alvin and Fay Spears

Larry and Treasa Sprague

Mike and Hannah Stavish

Allen and Lillian Stewart

Jason Strauss

Lenny and Jonna Strauss

Michael Strizzi

Jim and Carolyn Tabor

Daniel and Marion Tambellini

Valerie A. Taylor-Crow

Terra Firma Gift

Barry Thalden

The Springs Living Inc

Buzz and Shari Thielemann

Kate Thill and Lew Nash

Don and Georgia Todd

Mike and Christina Towery

United Risk Solutions

Nancy Vaughn

Roy and Dina Vinyard

Chris Walker

Mark and Michelle Walkup

Ted and Mary Warrick

John and Cathy Watt

Mike and Roseanne Weir

Carol West

Paul Westhelle and Patti Grant

Bill and Brenda Williams

James Williams and Becky Brooks

Jim and Judy Wright

DONORS $500 - $999

Peter Adesman and Robin Miller

Jack Agresti

Megan Annand

Greg and Jayne Applen

Jerry and Ann Atnip

Albert and Marilyn Ayres

Ballet Diane Hyrst

Barbara and David Barnes

Will and Sandra Bartell

Jon Barton

John Bauman

Marc and Dorothy Bayliss

Daryl Becker

Ben and Sally Jones Benjamin

Connie and Marty Bishop

Seven Oaks Farms

Tim and Ann Brophy


Daniel Campbell

Central Art Supply

Bill and Ronilee Childress

Suzanne Christensen

Sheila Clough

Ward Conger Family

Michelle Corradetti

Richard and Margaret Croly

Darcy Danielson

Tim and Sandy Darland

Cathy de Wolfe

Dennis and Marthanne  Dedrick

Dermatology and Laser Associates

John Dowdy

Adrienne Dunkin

Burt and Linda Eikleberry

Robert and Suezann Rushing

Evelyn Fellows

Diane Feskens

Michael and Anne Forney

Lou and Diane Gerard

Randy and Cherie Gravon

Becky and Jaime Grebosky

Bill and Audrey Green

Linda J. Green

Bill and Bette Haberlach

Loni Hagler

Robert and Gretchen Hamilton

Karen and David Hammonds

Susan Hart

Bonnie Haynes

Doug Henry

Bill, Mary, and Sheba Jacobs

Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C.Attorneys at Law

Joan and David A. Johnson Family

Kevin and Nikki Keating

Dale and Shirley King

Gary Klouda

Sharon Kolpak

Phil and Carol Koszyk

Aurélien Labrosse and Nina Friedman

Mike & Betty Laurs

Elizabeth Letz

Jim and Dianna Levingston

Paul Loozen and Virginia Madigan

Susan Lyons

Cheryl MacBean

The Maiorano's

KC Martin

Doug and Jean McDonald

Marsha and Tyler McHugh

Mike and Janette McUne

Medford High School Class of 1949

Medford Senior High School Class of 1965

Dede and Ron Mete

Phyllis and Tom Nelson


Oregon Employment Dept. Employees

Oregon Health Exchange

Bill and Shirley Patton

Gregory Paul

John and Janet Pierce

Craig and Cindy Prewitt

Iris Reagan


Larry and Judy Rogers

Rogue Valley A's

Rogue Valley After Five Rotary

Ilana Rubenfeld

Chuck and Jane Rubey

Susan Rust

Holly Schimke

Schroeder's Antiques

Steve and Sherry Schroeder

Greg and Debbie Schultz

Scott Valley Bank

Dave Seiden and Maureen Wallace

Gary and Annette Shaffer

Gary and Joy Sherwood

Ken Silverman

Karl Stahnke

Thomas Steele

Barry and Delcy Tibbetts

Cleveland Twitchell

Robert and Marilyn Van Heuit

Jim and Kim Wallan

Weisinger Family Winery

Colin and Elizabeth White

Rick Whitlock

Catherine Wikkerink

Jim and Janese Williams

Dave and Pam Wood

Donica Wood

Dr. Randy And Pam Wooton

Susan Wrona

Dr. Elisabeth Zinser

DONORS Under $500

38 Central

Bruce and Tami Abeloe

Robert A. Abernathy

Carol Adams

John and Gaea Adams

Kenneth Adams

Yvonne Adams

Ed Adamson

Stephanie Aguirre

Lori Ainsworth

Terri Ainsworth

Len and Sandie Alison

Julie and Roger Allemand

Annabel Allen

Mark Allen

Nicole Allen

Marla Allison

Alex Amarotico

Jeanette Andersen

April Anderson

Eugene Anderson

Gregg and Maggie Anderson

Leah Anderson

Mary Anderson

Erik J. Andersson

Crystal Andrews

Peggy Andrews

Patricia and George Andries

Chris Angel

Edward Angeletti

Cheryl Aponte

Gail Armistead

Hollie Arnold

Ira Aronson

Carl and Linda Artner

Jill Ashcraft

Leslie Ashpole

Leni Assali

Catherine Astell

Ron and Juanita Atkins

Jill Atkinson

Nancy Auger

Tom and Susan Austin

John Axen

Matt Axness

Jeff Baack

Harry Bach

Jacqueline Bachman

Lisa Baehr

Mary Jo Baich

Becky Bailey

James Bailey

Gene Baker

Linda Baker

Mike Baker and Marie Wells

Tracie and Michael Baker

Michele Baldwin

Sandra Baleria

Gary and Tim Balfour

James Baltusnik

Marilyn Bamford

Dave Banks

Jackson Bannes

Juanita Banning

Kristen Barleen

Candice Barnard

Rose Barnum

Claire Barr Wilson

Rachael Barrett, Alan, Nancy and Donna

Corey and Rita Barron

Angela  and Seth Barry

Jim and Hazel Barry

Mary Barton

Kristin Bashe

Bonnie Baskins

Michael Battis

Marlene Baty

Anne and John Batzer

Susan Baumgardner

Claudia Bayless

Steve and Joni Bayley

Rebecca Beaman

Lisa Bean

Charlene Beaty

Kirk Bechtel

Jennifer and Martin Behnke

Jacob Beke

Pete Belcastro

Madeline Bell

Anne Bellegia and Terry Ansnes

Donna Bellsmith

Alan Bender and Davida Schneider

Lloyd Bendickson

Richard Benjamin

Kim Benson

Karen Berg

Pam Bergreen

Marge Bernard

Dr. Roger and Mrs. Bernard

Seth and Angela Berry

Jeanne Bevis

Bi-Coastal Radio

Marc Bilodbau

Sharon L. Birdsong

Margaret and Steven Bismarck

Nancy Bitterling

Luna and Joe Bitzer

Robert Black

Susan Black

Kathy Blank

Gina Blankenship

Gary and Ann Blanks

Linda Blew

Kaytlin Blunt

Day Boddorff

Mike Bodenbender

Body Balancing

Larry Boeck

Julie Boekenoogen

Bob Bogue

Prima Bohall

Margaret Bohn

Jack and Sandy Boisen

Summer Boivin

Lee Bollschweiler

Connie Bond and Paula Wright

Allan Bopp

Bob Bork

Edward Borta

Doreen Boruff

Denise Bostwick

Dennis and Jenifer Botefur

Shari Botermans

Cindy Bottasso

Tim Brace

Phillip Bradfield

Doug Bradley

Maria Bradley

Gerry and Melinda Bradshaw

Lisa Branam

Nancy Bray

Margie Breckel

Douglas and Melanie Breidenthal

Edwina Bricklet

David and Lindy Britt

Gary Brock

Karol Broderick

Stan Dean & Katherine Bronwen

Kathryn Brooks

Sara Brooks

Amanda Brouwer

Debbie Brown

Harry Brown

Thomas and Helen Brown

Kathleen Brown

Sandra Brown

Virginia Brown

Julie Bruce

Katherine Bryon

Victor Buccina

Jim and Jacque Buck

Ardis Bucy

Susan Buda

Nancy Buono

Chad Burger

Brian Burgess

Ray and Leslie Burk

Carol Burnett

Margaret Burns

Terri Burns

Sandy Burr

Don Burton

Patsy and Mark Burton

Brian and Ginette Busch

Helen and David Byers

Torrey Byles

Barbara Cabral

Jason Calderwood

Jacole Calhoun

Lynn Calhoun

Robert Calkins

Carolyn Callahan

Geri Calvin

Carol Cameron

Jon and Christina Campbell

Kathryn Campbell

Linda Campbell

Rick and Angie Campos

Dwight and Diana Cannon

Russ and Eleanor Cannon

Jeff Canon

Lola Capp

Laurel Carey

Suzanne Carl

Vince & Jaci Carl

April Carlson

April Carpenter

Edward Carpenter

Virginia Carpenter

Matt Belanger  and Jess Carr

Steven Carter

Tonya Casaday

Robert Cason

Debbie Caster

Rose Ann Cattanach

Theresa Cavallaro

William Cecil

Trish Chaffee

Ken and Jan Chapman

Susan Chapman

Craig Chaquico

Wayne Chipman

Thierryand Jeanne Chouard

Christ Unity Church of Medford

Mick and Gayle Church

Christina Churchill

Mary Claflin

Linnea Clark

Pamela Clark

Rene Clark

Millie Clarke

Karla and Mel Clements

Richard Clements

Robert Cleveland

Steve and Judy Clinton

Gayle Clogston

Dave Cloudt

Angela Clum

Janis Coder

Mary Cody

Griff and Lindsay Colegrove

Betty Collier

Cliff and Diane Combs

Lisa Comstock

Carol Concina

Paul Conflitti

Holly and Jim Connell

Brent and Cindy Conner

Marilyn Conner

Lori Conners

Cheryl Conway

Mark Cook

Rebecca Cook

Glorianna Cooper

Sam Cooper

Vikki Cooper

Joseph Cordoba

Valerie Cornett

Andrew Corradetti

Danny Corrigan

Dick Corrigan

Barbara Costa

Nancy Costa and Don Browning

Marilyn Costamagna

Joanne Costantino

Karyn Cottone

Heather Couch

Jason and Kirsten Couch

Saundra Couch

Sheila Couey

Jack Coupens

Katy Cowan

Jackie Cowden

Jeff Cox

Toni Cox

Lonnie Cranford

Dara Crockett

John and Linda Croswell

Barbara Cryer

Donald Cuffel

Tom and Alice Cushman

David R Cyphers

Cindy Dahl

Carol Dalessandro

Susan Dallas

Nancy Dameron

Marguerite Damewood

Antoinette Damico

Kay and Jim Daniel

Katharine Danner

Evelyn Darland

Kent and Catherine Dauterman

Dave Forsythe's Caveman Classics

Don and Alice Davidson

Dan Davis

Mary Davis


Elisa Dawson

Winnie Dawson

Kim Day

JoAnn Deal

Blank Dean

Lori Dean

Ben DeBaldo

John DeBenedetti

Shelley Debo

Christina and Shawn Decker

Landon Decker

Nicole Dedrick

Herb Deeks

Nicole DeFlavio

Ellen Dennis

Heather Dennison

Albert and Sally Densmore

James and Karma Denton

Sharon Denzer

Walter Deutsch and Andrea Frande

Alan DeVries

David and Micheline deWey

Elise M. deWit

Adelle Di Giorgio

Rebekah DiBianco

Gary Dickson

Linelle Diggs

Ida Dinkins

Ian and Jayne Dock

Bob and Bonnie Doggett

Brenda Dole

Aaron Dolph

Tom Donahue

William Donker

Garrett Doolen

Jennifer Dooms

Dave and Ann Doors

Diane Dougall

Hilary Douglas

Terri Doyel

Lynne Doyle

Annie Drager

Nichole Reynolds, Brian and Duane Dragoo

Sharla Draheim

Holly Drake

Haze Draught

Julie Drengson

Annie Driver

Elaine Dunn

Darrol Jameson

Kim Janakes


Robert and Loretta Jayne

John W Jensen

Joanne Johns

Jenet Johnsen

Cheryl Johnson

Greg Johnson

Jeannette Johnson

Julie Johnson

Michael Johnson

Richard  and Diane Johnson

Sonja Johnson

Jon Johnson

Carol Johnston

Janet Johnston

Alexandra Jolley

Helen and Preston Jones

Ross Jones

Terry Jones

Cynthia Jordan

Eric Jordan

Richard F Jorgensen

Cheryl Joseph

Debbie Judson

Carol Jury

Diane Juul

Janice Kabel

Shela Kaeser

Roberta Kaiser

Mary Jo Kannasto

Ron and Julie Kantor

Vernice Karbe

Julie Kasiah

Ken Kauffman

Martha Kause

Ross Keaton

Patti Keck

Claudia Kelley

Lea Kelley

Basil and Liam Kelly

Bill and Martha Kelly

Julie Kelsey

Jill Kennedy and Joyce Collins

Robin Kennedy

Steve Kennedy

John Ketchum

Jeff Kihn

Carole King

Earl and Victoria King

Sue King

Kathleen Kirchen

Marvin Kirkeby

Keeley Kirkendall

Randy Kirkland

Yvonne Kitchen

Elert Family Trust

Karen Elliott

Patricia Ellison

Chad Elmore

Elsie Elmore

EnerNOC, Inc

Raymond and Claire Engle

Cindy English

Marty Ennis

Jacqueline Erickson

Joyce Erickson

Laurence Erickson

Virginia Erickson

Birgitta Ericsson

Jean Erwin

Michael Estes

Adam Evans

David Evans

Dixie Fairchild

Graham Farran

Lynne Farrar

Father and Son Jewelry

Tami Jon Fennell

Diann Ferguson

James Ferlita

Shauna Ferrando

John and Mindy Ferris

Cindy and Philip Fesmire

Larry Fields

Bruce Fiero

Ed Fierro

Sheris Fine


Kathryn Finwall

Christopher Firkins

John and Nancy Firth

Melissa Fischer

Marilyn Fishwick

Robert Fitch

Theresa Fitch

Daniel Flagg

Kate Flaherty

Robin Fleissner

Elements Tapas Bar

Esther Eldridge

Colleen Ekwall

Scott and Gloria Eilefson

Mary Ehlers

Jerry and Donna Ehlers

Howard Eddings

Michelle Earle

Jessica Dye

Janet Duvo

Jayne Dutra

Gina Dusenbury

Marcia and Chris Durham

Claudia Dunning

Delvia Fletcher




Tom Foerderer

Patrick Folger

Mary Lou Follett

Christy Ford

Lee and Cindy Fortier

Tom Fortson

Dick Fosbury

Ed and Fran Foss

Bonnie Foster

John Foster

Mike Foster

James Fowler

George Fox

Michele Fox

Sharon Fox

Tom Fox

Michael Framson

Alisha Franklin

Bill Freda

Kelly Freeborn

Dave and Jeanne Freel

Dave and Jeanne Freel

Esther Freeman

Jackie Freeman

Patricia Fretton

Lori Friese

Roger and Mary Friesen

Michele Fylstra

Cynthia Gallant

Kim Gamble

Elena Garcia

Joseph Garcia

Jill Gardner

Tom and Sharon Garland

Pam Garrett

Margay Garrity

Alan Gatchel

Billy Gates

Crystal Geidans

Katherine Geidans and James Bonsall

Wanda Gemaehlich

Livia Genise

Am Saenz Genotti

Mark Georgianna

Rose Gerstner

Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibson

Jesse Gifford

Dan Gillespie

Julie Gillette

Tom and Diana  Gilley

George and Sandy Gilman

Tim Gilson

Girl Scout Troop 31816

Geoff Given

Tom Glatte

Holly Goff

Iris Goldie

David Gollob

Christina Gonzales

Greg and Cheryl Gonzalez

Ravyn Goodman

Dana Goodnow

Kevin Goodrich

Patricia Gordon

William Gordon

Tom and Tresa Gorman

Rosanne Governor

Virginia Graber

John Graham

Karen and John Graham

Victoria Graham

Mark Grant

Grants Pass YMCA

Brian Graunke

Roger and Joelle Graves

Don Gray

Jon Gray

Peter Greene

Michelle Greenwoon

Kathy Greidanus

Ron and June Gress

Gloria Gresser

Jenny Griffin

Lisa Griffin

Debi Griffith

Jennifer Griffiths

Patti Grimm

Leslie Gross

Karri Gulbransen

Lynette Gundlach

Kevin and Ree Gunter

Judith Guss

Jeff Gutridge

Jeffery Gutting

Kristi Haavig

Bill and Melanie Haden

Denis Hagler

Rob and Ann Hague

Thomas Hahn

Edward Haines

Hair Legends LTD

Dan Hall

Jerry Hall

Linda Hall

John Hallett

Patricia Halprin

Sharon Halshaw-Prowell

Shirley Hamilton

Barbara Hamlett

Tom Hamlin

Charles Hammond

Rhonda Haney

Top Stitch BERNINA

Debbie Hannaford

Gabriel Hannaford

Barbara Hansen

Chris Hansen

Claudia Hansen

Connie Hansen

Lynda Hansen

Richard Hansen

Carol Hanson

Karyn Hardie

Susanne Harmony

Karen Harrell

Tom Harrington and Jamie Hutchinson

April Harris

Sharon Harris

Patti Hartel

Glenna and Michael

William Hartnell

Brenda Harvey

Michelle Has

Gerald Hathias

Cindy Hauser

Walt Haussner and Susan Bejin

Havana Republic

Ivy Havice

Merry Haydon

Cheryl Hayman

Mary Heath

Chuck and Jan Heauser

Beth Heckert

Sidney Hedges

Jan Hedgpeth

Bobbi Heer

Paula and Sam Hefter

Diane D. Heider

Joan Heiken

Cathi Helmer

Susan Henderson

Melissa Hennings

Taeya Hennings


Allan and Catherine Henrichs

Carol Henry

Debra Henry

Scott Henselman

Anna Henson

Jill Hernandez

Jack Herr

Kelley Hershey

Lane and Bill Heslington

Gregory and Pamela Heuser

Jerre Hewitt

Susan Hickey

Allen Hicks

Ron Hicks

Jerry and Pat Higgins

Mark Hill

Mike Hill

Susan Hill

Katherine Hinds

Darrel Hinnewinkel

Bob and Carol Hirt

Dan and Lynn Hobbs

Dale and Dolly Hofer

Mike and D'Ann Hoffman

Dawn Huffman-Gudzan

Kerry Hofsess

Leslie Hogue

Karen Hoiness

Will Holmbeck

Sherman Holt

Dana Holthus

Ron and Cheryl Holthusen

Kathleen Holtschneider

Laurie Hook

Brandie Hooley

Benjamin Hoover

Paula Hoover

Vanessa Hopf

Patricia Hopkins

Joe Horn

Sharon Hosick

Donald and Kathy Hoskin

Elizabeth House

Evonne and Mike Hubbard

Diana Hudson

Andy Huffman

Loran Hughes

Theron Hull

Monica Humphrey

Larry Hunt

Timothy J. Hunt

William and Nancy Hunt

Vickie Huntley

Linda and Larry Hutchinson

Barbara and Judson Hyatt

Ed Hyle

Ricardo Iboa

Karren Inman

Dan and Janus Innes

Tom Isola

Baldassare Mineo - Italio Gardens

R. and Catherine Izor

Anita Jackson

Bruce & Allison Jackson

Janice Jackson

Cynthia Jacobs

Teddi Jacobsen

Jerry Jacobson

Sharrol Pyle

Linda Quast

Mandy Quast

Terry Quast

David Quellette and Barbara Dellenback

Connie Quiring

M Quoss

Jennifer Rader

Brian Ralli

Emmett and Ardella Ramey

Tom and Ruby Rashe

Bill Rauch

Yvonne and Doug Rauch

Charyl Ray

Dana and Scott Rayburn

Tuula Rebhahn

David Reed

Ken and Linda Reeder

Melonie Reel

Kelly Reid

Nick Rementeria and Amy Drake

John  and Virginia Reynolds

Terry Rice and Isobel Grover

Danielle and Steve Richardson

Murray and Angela Richmond

James Rickman

Kandi Rider

Elaine Rietmann

Sherrill Rinehart

Aleli Lawson

Lloyd Lawton

Sherry Lay

Becky Lee

Drent Martin

Jean-Guy and Jeanette Martin

Jim and Becky Martin

Thom Martin

Tracey Martin

Wayne Martin

Calvin Mason

Janet Mason

Mason Films

Jack Mathis

Norman Mathis

Christian Mathisen and Janet Alpine

Julie Matthews

Michael and Laura Mattson

Teresa Matz

Carol Mauch

Donna Maybee

Taylor Maybee

Ronald Mayerle

Selma Mc Alaster

Linda Mc Guire

Leann McBratney

Pamela McClaflin and Terry Findley

Gary McConahay

Dana McCoy

Don McCoy

Stayce Mcculloh

Raymond McDonald

Jerry and Barbara McDougall

Sarah McElroy

Peter McFadden

Wendy McFadden

Janeen McG

Sally McGavran

Kelly McGee

Jackie McGrath

Robert McIntyre

Eric McLaughlin

Lee McLaughlin

Angela Mclemore

Sherry McMahan

Jim McManus

Betty McMillan

St. Mary's Class of 1965

Suzette Mecca

Cynthia Medeiros

Jodi Medina

Susan Meeds-Bashe

Susan Meierhenry

Robert and Stephanie Mengis

Gerry and Linda Merfeld

Carrie Meskimen

Iris Metz

Ron and Kathy Metzger

Daniel Meyer

Steve and Kathy Meyer

Aleta Milam

Susan Miler and David Doi

Rich Miles and Will Brake

Candy and Gary Miller

Joyce Miller

Lindy Miller

Matthew Miller

Susan and Max Miller

Trina Milllenheft

Denise Mills

Sharron Mills

Angela Milner

Sondra Mims

Monte Minchow

Cat Mitchell

Karen Mitchell

Sam Mitchell

Elizabeth Moell

Joanne Mohn

Michael Moline

Hannah Monen

Kate Monen

Terry and Judy Monks

Bonnie Monnin and James H Olsen

Dale and Linda Monroe

Marc Monroe

Suz Montemayor

Valerie Montgomery

Janie Moore

Michael Moore

Susan Moore

Louise Moos

Greg Moran

Nicholas Morgan

Pix Morgan

Jan Morris

Mike Morris

Tamyra  and Doug Morse

Alberto Munoz

Amy Munro

Lucy Munson

Malcolm Munson

Jason Murdock

Janet Murphy

Mike Murphy

My Daughter's Closet

Gail and Len Napoli

Becky Nebelsick

Mike and Shannon Neill

Bryan Nelson

Gregory Nelson

Kate Newgard

Jennifer Nicholls

Martha and Caitlin Nichols

Aaron Nino

Kate and Chris Nolte

Pam and Pete Nordquist

Norris Shoes

Jim and Cyndee Norris

James North

Gerald Note

Jacqueline Notrica

Terri Novak

Neva Nuich

Michael O'Connell

Susan O'Connell

Kathryn O'Day

Carolyn O'Lenic

Deborah O'Malley

Gary Ober and Debbie Thomas

Curtis Oddo

Curt Offenbacher

Barbara Oliver

Lisa Olson

Ramona and Donald Olson

Angela Olsrud and Jennifer Hepler

Steve Olsrud

Orc International

Oregon Architecture, Inc


Susan Orth

Tony and Debbie Orton

John Oshima

Shelley Ostovar

Mariska Pactwa

Michael Palacios

Alan and Dottie Palamara

Jeff and Kim Palmer

Valerie Palmer

T.J. Pappas

Dolce Paquette

Michael Parker

Kathy Parks

John Parsons

Joni Parsons

Leslie Parsons

Dorthy Pastere

Kathy Paterson

Kathleen Patterson

Jan Pearson

Randy Pearson

Ross Pelton

Wendy Pepper

Dorothy Perry

Dudley Peterson

Pamela Peterson

Sally Peterson

Doug Philips

Douglas Phillips and Virginia Stapp

Kathie Philp

Jim and Becca Pierce

Charles and Linda Piland

Christopher Plate

Richard Poe

Ann Pollock

Linda Pons

Carney Pope

Robin Popp

Harlan Posen

Henry Posse

Gary and Charlotte Poules

Elizabeth Powell

Bill and Joyce Prahl

John Pratt

Les Premo

Linda Priebe

Matthew and Nick Prien

Joan Priestley and Joe McAleavey

Charlene and Paul Prinsen

Bill Prosch

Dick Przywitowski

Diane Puderbaugh

Carol Putnam

Colleen Pyke

Christiane Pyle

Ashlee Klemp

Don and Helen Kliner

Jeff Kloetzel

John Kloetzel

Judith Kloetzel

Sue Klumph

Jan Knapik

Matthew and Rebecca Knauss

Marisa Knesel

Sandra Knudsen

Jack Kobinsky

Jackie Kodak

James Kolker

Alissa Koons

Logan Koons

Lillian Koppelman

Kirk Kowalke

Abigail Hepburn Kraft

Fred and Beverly Krasner

Stephen Krause

Sandy Krauss King

Jeff Krueger

Dee Kruger

Lynn Kunstman

Sue Kupillas

Dave and Delores Laananen

Catrina Ladd

Larry Ladwig

Janet LaFountain

Jerry LaFountain

Anne Lafrance

Glen Lake

Susan Lamb

Colleen Lambert

Kathy Lamm

Tom Lamoree

Catherine Lamoureux

Jennine Lane

John and Rebecca Lane

Sheila Lantz

Timothy Larive

Nichole Larkins

Judy Larson

Daniel and Kelly Latham

Jack Latvala

Henry Lawrence

Laurie Lawrence

Brian Martin

Betty Martin

Rick Markel

Brian Marchant

Wanda Manning

Devon Katelynn and Allison Mallory

Alice & Darryl Mallory

Margaret Mallette

Robin and Francis Malinosky-Rummell

Deb and Ronald Mailho

Jean Mailander and Robert Shankland

Kathleen Mahoney

Erin Mahaney

Carol Madden

Pamela Mackenzie

Karen Machanski

Lori Lyons

Larry Lutzow

Pat Luthy

Marjorie Luther and Patrick Burch

Teresa M. Luker

Connie Lufkin

Julia Lucier

Cecelia Lucent

Lynn Lucas

Gina Lowry

Garlan Lowery and Shirley South

Stephanie Lowe

Kendra Louks

Willam Lorch

Tina Lopez

Kevin and Karen Lollis

Logos Public Charter School

Robyn Lofing

Elizabeth Locke

Don and Judy Livingood

Stephanie Lippert

Norman Linn

Elizabeth Lininger

Tony Lindsey

Sylvia Lindsey

Debbie Lindley

Greg Lindholm

Pamela Lindgren

Laurie Lindell

Lilly Foundation

Crystal Lillie

Donna Liehnhardt

Gayle Lewis

Dennis and Sherri Lewis

Miriam Levitt

Marcus and Elizabeth Levitt

Janet Levins

Cheryl Levie

Carl and Carole Levi

Jamie Lesko

Joel Leshay

Linda Leppert

Deborah Leonard

Clover Leonard

Jay Leo

Robert and Renee Leedy

Lana Lee

Gabriel Austin Lee

Brandt Lee


Buffi Vega

Deborah Vega

Michelle Ventura

Kit Vercella

Margaret Vernier

Diane Versteeg

Godfrey Mark Vevera

Leslie Vidal

Arlene Villeneuve

Debbi Villers

Mark Vinyard

Jack Vitacco

Dave Vodden and Michelle Wetmore

Dave and Lori Vogel

Debbie Vogel

Eva Voget

Patricia Volk

Sara Von Icenbice

Cheryl Von Tress

Anthony Wade

Gary and Teddi Wade

Scott Waggoner

Ellen Wakefield

Cheryl Walden

Leona Walden

Debbie Waldron

Teresa Walkerley

Maureen Wallace and Dave Seiden

Mindy Wallace

Toni Wallick

Brad Wallis

Sheila Wanamaker

Renee Ward

Erik Warner

Wendy Warner

William Warner

Marianne Warren

Pamela Wasko

CeAnna Waterland

Roger and Carol Waters

Lisa Watkins

Gary Watts

Tony Way and Joy Dobson Way

Curtis Weaver

Russ and Sue Webb

Erich Weber

Sharon Weintraub

Eric Weiss

Ed Wenker

Steve Weskirchen

Cyndee Wessman

Laney Westbrook

Jim Wester

Sandra Wester

Sandy Wester

Nancy Weston

Lee Ann Westwood

Cathleen Wetherby

Mayor Gary Wheeler

Brandon White and Shawna Williams

Frank and Lorraine White

Brad and Susan Whitmore

A.J. and Eileen Whitten

Mike Whitten

Eliza Wiedman

Raquel Wilderson

Sharon Wileman

Jacqueline Wilk

Dennis Wilkinson

Robert Willey

Candace Williams

John Williams

Jonathan Williams and Nancy Keeley

Lindy Williams

Paul Williams

Shawna Williams and Brandon White

Tamara and Mark Williams

Art Williamson

Andrea Willis

Lori Wilson

Sherman Bruce Wilson

Ray Wilsons


Lorrine Winger

Carol and Gene Wolf

Luci Wolf and Katherine Gunter

Margi Wolski

Tyson Wood

Glenn Woodbury

Wendy Woodruff

Richard and Virginia Woods

Tani Wouters

Allan Woyna

Allan and Colette Wright

Forrest Wright

Galen Wright

Randy Wright

Christine Wrona Giallongo

Edward Wrona

Mark Wyant

Kim Yasutake

Susan Yates

Taylor Yates

Cynthia Yoak

Janet and David Yost

Rick Young

Brad Youngs and Nan King

Kay Yumoto-Wagner and Mike Wagner

Pat and John Zenz

Sheryl Zimmerer

Nancy Zitzner and Glen Gourley

Suzanne Zonca

Jeff Zundel

Michael Zuzel








BreAnn Taylor

Marian Telerski

Catherine Temple

Jayne Temple

Laurie and Marv Teply

Judith Terlau

Patsy Terpening

Carolyn Terry

Nick Terry

Richard Terwilliger

Scott Texeira

Poonam Thakur

C.T. Thelen

Nancy and John Thiebes

Richard and Midge Thierolf

Fred Thomas

Jack Thomas

Richard L Thomas

Stacy Thomason

Julie Thompson

Neal and Audrey Thompson

Tobe Thompson

Wayne and Barbara Thompson

Thorndike Family - Medford Fabrication

Carie Thorne

John Threshie

Alan Tibbetts

Alice Tidwell

Andrew Tillinghast

Kathy Tinsley

Euna Tipton

Gayle Titus

Donald Toms

Karen Toner

Terry Toner

Sharon Tooke

Lisa and Marlin Towne

Pepper Trail

Lisa Traugott

Tiffany Travolent

Jackie Truax

Silvia Trujillo

Mary Tsui

Larry and Anita Tucker


Madisyn Tucker

Linda and Robert Turner

Curtis Tyerman

Miriam and Marshall Umpleby

Nancy Unis

Gina Unruh

John Usrey

Kimber Vaccher

Marc Valens and Anne Golden

Christie Van Aken

Sharon Van Duker

Jane Van Dyke

Mary Van Horn

Rich Vanderwyst

Thomas Vanlehn

Michael and Mary Vannice



Lori Tapp

Karyn and Joe Tapley

Susan Tabler

Yvonne Sweet

Melanie Svitak

Jolie Suzanne

Elisabeth Suwantika

Joseph Suste

Mark Sunderland

Rosalind Sumner

Jon and Kristen Sullivan

Joseph Stuart

David Strother

Ron Strom

Brenda Strickler

Jenny and Sig Stout

Jackie Stout

Richard Stoeckert

Mark Stockwell

Susan Stockman

Heather Stocker

Richard Stitt

Bill and Joy Stimson

Bob and Diane Stillson

Carolyn Stiebe

Richard Stewart

Marilyn Stewart

Dorthy Stewart

Rhonda Stevens

Pamela Stevens

Chloe Sternola

Candy Stephenson

Mark Stella

Brenda Stein

Paul Steckbauer

Tiffany and Jacob Stecher

Dyan Staughan

Robert Stassi

Elizabeth Stark

Bill Stanton and Mark Daucher

Constance Stallings

Robert Stagner

Kent Stafford

Bob and Lynn Stafford

Helga Squyres

Chris and Ferrell Squyres

Joyce Squire

Donald Squire

Richard Spurner

Alicia Speidel

Shane Spano

Kim Spann

Renee Spahn

Jill Spagnualo

David and Lori Sours

Lisa Sommer

Elizabeth Somers

Mark Solomon

Paula Sohl

James and Patricia Snyder

Dennis Smout

Ryan Smith and Joel Hill

Linda F. Smith

Kim Smith

Eric and Alice Smith

Donna Smith

Beth Smith

Ronda Smith Rector

Ruth Sloan

Katy Sloan

Katharine Sloan

Janelle Skeen

James R Sitter

Craig Singleton

Virginia Simon

Joe and Linda Simon

Sue Simmons

Mary Silva

Bill and Sue Silfvast

Ron Shubin

Karen Shreve

Lorry Shlitter

Gary Shipley

Sandi Sherman

Scott Sherbourne

Brian Shepard

Paul Shefrin

Markita Shaw

Sharon Shatswell

Bob and Carol Sharp

Frederick Shannon

Elaine Shanafelt

Tom Shafer

Gary Shade

Barb Shade

Mark Severson

Jo Sellars

Keri Seidel

Sally Seibert

Michelle Seffens

Patricia Scupien

Mike Scupien

Frederick Scriba

William Scofield

Holly Schwimmer

Paul Schultz

Brigitte and Franz Schueling

M Schrouder

Lillian Schroeder

Gail Schoeneberg

Sheri Schoenberg

Sharon Schmidt

Brenda Schmid

John Schleining

Robyn Schiffer

Matthew Scheytt

M and T Scheffley

Jean Scelza

Oliver and Peggy Scarvie

Jeanette Sayre

Mark and Connie Sayler

Rosa Sargent

Howard Sands

Tom Sanderson

Susan Sandahl

Lyle Sams

Cassandra Sam

Sally Salsig

Albert and Elisa Sallie

Wanda Sallee

Joseph Saladino

Roy Saigo

Barbara and Michael Sabol

Stephanie Ryden

Pamela Ryan

Donna Rutledge

Medina Russell

Mary Russell

Beth Russell

Rod and Julie Rumery

Ellen Rubenson

Jean Rothenberg

John Rotar

Maryanne Rossini

Paul Rosenthal

Susan Rose

Tim and Nancy Rose

Madeline Rose

Brenda H Rosch

Alex Romanowsky

Rogue Gallery & Art Center

Judy Basker

Kristy Rogers

Eric Rogers and Gillian Walton

Benny and Sandi Rogers

Constance Rodriguez

Rita Robinson

Doug and Donna Robinson

Leslie Robins

Robert Robertson

Donald Robertson and Richard McKinley

Glenn Risley and Pam Clark

Jeffrey Ripley

Serena Rinnan

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