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Restoration Plan

The Holly Theatre Restoration Project will balance the dual goals of creating a state-of-the-art modern facility with authentically recreating the theatre’s many unique architectural elements.  Like the Cascade Theatre, restoration of the Holly will be executed consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties.  The goal of the project will be to make the building’s façade and interior public spaces look exactly like they did when the Holly opened in 1930, while adding new support spaces that allow the theatre to serve modern performers and patrons.  The estimated cost of the restoration is $3.5 million.
Restoration work will include:

• Restoring the building’s original exterior blade sign and marquee [Completed]
• Recreating the building’s unique decoration and historical architectural elements
• Restoring the storefronts and exterior windows to their original configuration [Completed]
• Remodeling rental spaces in the building
• Constructing new dressing rooms and green rooms
• Making the building accessible for people with physical disabilities
• Updating the building’s electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems
• Upgrading the building’s structure to meet current seismic standards
• Installing new seating consistent with historic design and contemporary standards
• Installing modern rigging, theatrical lighting and sound systems
• Constructing additional patron restrooms
• Expanding lobby space
Restoring existing historic theatres has three advantages over constructing new facilities:

• By using an existing historic building, the community turns an unproductive structure into a productive community asset.
• Renovation of an existing building is usually significantly less costly than new construction.
• Because historic theatres have deep emotional roots in a community, both restoration efforts and operating these facilities are generally widely supported by the public.

The Holly’s auditorium will have a seating capacity of 1,000.

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